Natural Cooling

Natural Cooling is like the name suggests, natural! By using natural sources like rivers or ofuntains for cooling, you save energy by eliminating the most energy consuming part of the cooling process. Learn about our Natural Cooling Solutions here!

Geothermal cooling as well as river water and well cooling do not work for you or are hardly relevant? In our daily practice we have already been able to show many of our customers new approaches to implementing these environmentally friendly technologies! Renewable solutions are the most energy-efficient and modern cooling options for your systems. With the help of solutions developed for you, we achieve the optimal solution for your location.

Natural cooling harnesses the cooling power of natural water, be it from a river, lake or a sea! By eliminating the need for energy intensive chillers in the cooling process we save great amount of energy. By using the water as a cooling medium, we cool energy efficiently and we can implement a heat recovery solution. By using either direct or indirect heat recovery you save in two places!

By our specifically engineered climate cabinets and IT cooling devices we can provide a high Natural Cooling ratio for a year, resulting in savings of up to 90% compared to a mechanical cooling!

We provide Natural Cooling solutions of every size. Not sure if Natural cooling makes sense at your facility? We will help you to evaluate the possibilities. Get in touch with the contact form!


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