Freecooling takes the cooling power out of outside air, either direct or indirect through the drycoolers.


Use air with outside temperature to cool your systems! With modern and individually manufactured solutions, you can reduce your air-conditioned electricity costs by up to 90% while protecting the environment. Power-intensive chillers are only used when the outdoor temperature exceeds a certain value. Particularly high energy efficiency and short payback periods make this technology attractive for your systems too! In combination with chillers, rack cooling or special installations, you can achieve high efficiency increases. Whether direct or indirect cooling, installation on the roof or on the wall: We will find a suitable solution for you!

Direct Free Cooling

With direct free cooling, you cool particularly energy-efficiently with air as the cooling medium. As a rule, the air circulating in the cooling system is cooled down with high current intensity and fed into the data centers or control rooms. With free direct cooling, the proportion of fresh air in the cooling air flow is increased by adding cold fresh air. The air exchange of the room takes place via a fan or through the floor. In the optimum case, the entire system can realize the required cooling capacity completely by direct free cooling. Power-intensive chillers are only switched on when the outside temperatures are too high.

Indirect Freecooling

In contrast to direct free cooling, in which the outside air is used directly for cooling, indirect free cooling transfers the cold via a pipe system to a water-glycol mixture. The mixture is cooled with fresh air using a recooler. Air-water heat exchangers are then integrated into the cooling water circuit of your cooling system. The heat load is dissipated to the outside air via the heat exchangers. In an optimal case, the entire system can realize the necessary cooling capacity of your plants completely by indirect free cooling. Power-intensive chillers are only switched on when the outside temperature is too high (over 18 degrees).


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