References of successful cooling projects done

Niederauer Mühle - 2023

Cooling of the E-rooms and maintenance rooms of the new boiler building. The boiler supplies the two PM (PM2 and PM3) with the medium steam and hot water for paper production. The cooling is done with a combination of Freecooling and mechanical cooling. The devices and system control is consistently implemented in Siemens S7 and connected to the higher-level PLS.


Schoellershammer – 2023

New recycling boiler was built in order to ecologically recycle the residues that occur during paper production and to feed the energy generated from them back into the process. BM Green Cooling concepts and builds the cooling system for the E-rooms. The system features a high freecooling ratio and low mechanical cooling ratio to reduce the energy consumption by the cooling system.

Palm Aalen PM5 - 2021 – 3.600 kW

Cooling of the E-rooms of the PM5, one of the biggest paper machines in the world. With special space saving L-units through ceiling installation. Direct water cooling of the Siemens power units. 75 % freecooling share for a year, and 100% heat recovery in a project at this scale results in significant CO2 savings for the customer!

There is no classic cooling center within the building. All chillers and drycoolers are positioned on the roof to optimize space. Nevertheless, the system is so advanced in terms of sound technology that communication can be carried out directly next to the outdoor units at normal room volume even in midsummer.

The central control cabinet and the chillers have an integrated Siemens S7 controller that communicates directly with the PLS. The special climate barriers do not have their own control, they are controlled directly by Valmet DNA. A refrigerant with a low GWP is used.

Hamburger Rieger Spremberg PM2 - 2021 - 2.400 kW

2.400 kW of Freecooling, and Siemens S7 controlling the whole project! Together with 690 V units, the customer got a tailored solution that both saves energy and works seamlessly with all the equipment on the mill. Being one of the biggest paper machines in Europe, we are proud to say that we have built the cooling system.

Palm Eltmann – 2020 – 600 kW

Complete use of waste heat with a newly developed special high-temperature heat pump.

Conception of waste heat utilization, result being a high temperature heat pump to utilize the previously wasted heat. With the assistance of the heat pump, affluent water is cooler and 70 °C water can be used again in the process. A refrigerant with a low GWP is used in the system.


Schoellershammer PM5 – 2019 – 265 kW

New build refrigeration center PM5 with 1 chiller

Concepting and planning an extension of 265 kW for existing climate cabinets and 1 new climate cabinet. System with the option to expand by 265 kW during operation and with connection to river water cooling. Control Siemens S7.

Drewsen Spezialpapiere – 2018 – 230 kW

Cooling of existing E-rooms for PM1 with 2 special air conditioning cabinets and with well water for cooling.  Conventional mechanical refrigeration with electric compressors is no longer required. Cooling is realized with ducts to save space in the E-rooms. Connection via Profibus (S7) and monitoring of fire protection flaps in the control rooms.


Schoellershammer PM6 – 2016 – 1.000 kW

Conception, Planning and building the cooling for a completely new building with 8 control rooms. 

This lighthouse project, which is new worldwide, is almost exclusively cooled with regenerative sources such as river water and free cooling.

The mechanical refrigeration functions almost exclusively as a redundancy.

Special climate cabinets with optimized, high water flow temperatures, with corrosion-protected heat exchangers, enable the use of river water and indirect free cooling for the control room air conditioning, up to 80% cooling without chillers p.a.


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