Energy efficient cooling solutions

Our energy efficient cooling solutions for paper industry


The simultaneous use of dry coolers, chillers as well as water from adjacent wells and rivers, enables energy-efficient cooling of control rooms, which ensures an operational reliability of 365 days a year. This allows the resulting waste heat to be used mainly for heating the production water. Each solution is individually adapted to the conditions of the paper mills and takes into account customer-specific operating instructions.

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Use air with outside temperature to cool your systems! With modern and individually manufactured solutions, you can reduce your air-conditioned electricity costs by up to 90% while protecting the environment. Power-intensive chillers are only used when the outdoor temperature exceeds a certain value. Particularly high energy efficiency and short payback periods make this technology attractive for your systems too! In combination with chillers, rack cooling or special installations, you can achieve high efficiency increases. Whether direct or indirect cooling, installation on the roof or in the wall: We will find a suitable solution for you!

Natural Cooling

Geothermal cooling as well as river water and well cooling do not work for you or are hardly relevant? In our daily practice we have already been able to show many of our customers new approaches to implementing these environmentally friendly technologies! Renewable solutions are the most energy-efficient and modern cooling options for your systems. With a modern combination of chillers and special cooling systems as well as free cooling, you can significantly reduce your energy consumption in cooling. With the help of solutions developed for you, we achieve the optimum solution for your location.

Mechanical Cooling

There are many ways you can use chillers! We offer customized solutions for areas where other companies don’t. Our standard solutions are cost-effective and can be used in special applications. By choosing our innovative and tailored solutions, you can achieve higher efficiency for your operations. Additionally, you can combine our chillers with free cooling and other renewable energy options. Stay ahead of the game with our cutting-edge technology and the expertise gained from over 125 successful projects. Cool your plant with confidence using our proven solutions

We offer natural refrigerants and the latest equipment (Co2 chillers and Turbocor chillers to name some) to achieve the best result in the mechanical cooling.

Absorption Cooling

Absorption Chillers use the hot wastewater for cooling, replacing the electrical energy with heat energy in the chilling process.


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