Benefit from our energy-efficient and individually tailored solutions. In our portfolio we consider your personal requirements and attach importance to effective and environmentally friendly concepts. Convince yourself of our selection and lay the foundation for an economical and efficient future of your plants together with us!


Summary of the cooling techniques we provide:

Picture of a dry cooler being lifted with a crane
Freecooling takes the cooling power out of outside air, either direct or indirect through the drycoolers.
Picture of an absorber chiller
Cold out of hot! With Absorption Cooling you use your waste heat to produce cooling for the parts that need it. Learn more about Absorption here!
Picture of a cooling center
Whether for redundancy or for the hottest moments of the year, mechanical cooling always works. Learn more about mechanical cooling and how we make it greener!
Picture of cooling tanks
Natural Cooling is like the name suggests, natural! By using natural sources like rivers or ofuntains for cooling, you save energy by eliminating the most energy consuming part of the cooling process. Learn about our Natural Cooling Solutions here!
Picture of a heat pump
What better way to heat than the heat energy that you already have? Learn more about our heat recovery solutions here!


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