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A SideCooler is a type of cooling system used in data centers to remove heat generated by IT equipment. It is installed at the side of the IT racks. The Sidecooler features a high-efficiency heat exchanger that efficiently removes the heat from the air and provides cool air for the racks. It is a space-saving and cost-efficient solution that can be used in both small and large data centers. The Sidecooler can improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption compared to traditional cooling systems that use separate air ducts.

Picture of a side cooler
Picture of a front cooler


A FrontCooler is a type of cooling used used in data centers to remove heat generated by IT equipment. It is designed to be installed at the front of the IT rack. The Frontcooler features a high-efficiency heat exchanger that efficiently removes the heat from the air and provides the cool air for the racks. By eliminating the need for a separate air duct system, the Frontcooler can reduce energy consumption and improve cooling efficiency. It is an effective and cost-efficient solution for data centers. Frontcoolers are available both in watercooled and DX variants.

High Density Reardoor Cooler

Specificially designed for tight spaces, High Density Reardoor Coolers solve the problem where the racks need to be placed in a small place. With up to 40 kW cooling capacity per unit, high amount of cooling can be achieved also in limited spaces.

Picture of a high density rear door cooler
Picture of a freecooler


Use air with outside temperature to cool your systems! With modern and individually manufactured solutions, you can reduce your air-conditioned electricity costs by up to 90% while protecting the environment. Power-intensive chillers are only used when the outdoor temperature exceeds a certain value. Particularly high energy efficiency and short payback periods make this technology attractive for your systems too! In combination with chillers, rack cooling or special installations, you can achieve high efficiency increases. Whether direct or indirect cooling, installation on the roof or on the wall: We will find a suitable solution for you!

Adiabatic Cooling

Indirect adiabatic cooling is an energy efficient solution for datacenter cooling. By utilizing the evaporating cooling principle, you cool energy efficiently and environmentally friendly completely without refrigerants.

Picture of an adiabatic chiller
Picture of a heat pump

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery from Datacenters is gaining in popularity, and it is no wonder. By utilizing the heat generated from the datacenter, the system efficiency rises to a whole new level. Either direct or indirect, there are numerous ways to reuse the heat from data centers. We will assist you in every step of building a heat recovery system for your data center.

Mechanical Cooling

Mechanical Cooling as redundancy always has its place in cooling systems that need to be available 24/7. By utilizing the newest Mechanical Cooling solutions, you are also saving energy compared to the conventional systems. BM Green Cooling also provides all the latest natural Refrigerants, so you future proof your Mechanical Cooling system.

Picture of a chiller
Picture of a water fountain

Natural Cooling

Natural Cooling in a Datacenter is one of the most effective ways to cool. Natural Cooling has a high EER as it uses the water to conduct the heat away from the Datacenter, and no refrigerant is needed. Additionally, utilizing Heat Recovery to a Natural Cooling system is straight forward.


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