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Water coolers with integrated free cooling

Modular water coolers as part of a flexible production series with nominal cooling capacities between 10 and 250 kW. Integrated casing to incorporate the  switchboard and the process measuring and control technology, as well as various components such as compressors, pumps and associated pipes, made out of powder-coated steel sheet.

The water coolers can be used in the industry as well as in computing and IT areas. Investments in the fields of research and development ensure the consistent, highly efficient production of various appliances.

The modular construction method ensures a simple assembly and makes transport possible. Speed-controlled fans and control and measurement devices ensure an energy-efficient mode, which can be further enhanced by integrating an additional free cooler.

Using customised equipment, such as a free cooling device and water coolers designed specifically for the installation, the operating costs can be reduced byapprox. 50 – 70 %, compared to conventional installations. The water coolers are delivered ready for use, with DDC controllers and switchboard, and are hooked up to the electrical system and piping of the customer.

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