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Indirect free cooling

Unlike direct free cooling, where the external air is 'directly' used in the cooling process, indirect free cooling transfers the coldness through a line system using a water-glycol mixture. A recooler cools the mixture using external air. In indirect free cooling, air-water heat exchangers are integrated into the cold water circulation of the cooling system. The thermal load is transferred to the external air via the heat exchanger. In the optimum case (low exterior temperature), the whole system can realise its full cooling capacity solely from indirect free cooling. Energy-intensive refrigerating machines will only be switched on when the external temperature is too high. 


Energy efficiency potential

Indirect free cooling, especially in cases where the external air temperature is low, is a very efficient cooling method.  The power consumption necessary for conditioning, compared to the exclusive use of electrical refrigerating machines, can be reduced to approx. 70%. 


The installations should be operated with as high a cold water temperature as possible, to maintain a usable temperature gradient on as many days as possible between external air and cold water.

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