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Geothermal Cooling through the Earth

In order to enable the cooling performance, each drilled hole has a depth of 80 m. The drilled holes are always 6 metres apart from each other.
Two constantly working circulation pumps, each with access to different drill-holes are supplied with UPS and reliably maintain the cold supply. The two SideCoolers mounted right and left of the Racks should be supplied with a flow temperature of 14-18 °C, in order to ensure that no condensate forms during use. 80 m deep in the ground, the temperature is largely constant.

The water-glycol mixture has a temperature of around 14 °C from the ground. The flow temperature control ensures a constant temperature of 14 °C to the SideCoolers. The thermal energy from the EDP components (server and other active components) is absorbed in the SideCoolers, which causes the brine to heat to approx. 20 °C. With the help of the circulation pump, the warm mixture returns through the pipes into the ground where the heat is, in turn, extracted. As a result, the warm 'brine' (glycol and water) mixture is cooled down from 20 °C to 14 °C.

An ideal solution in combination with geothermally obtained cooling water. Roughly estimated, the new cooling technology should be expected to have have a COP value of around20, as it is possible to deliver cooling water using a pump capacity of about 500 Watts, with a cooling capacity of around 15kW. Compared to ground water cooling, getting permission for this technology is far from problematic. Although tapping the groundwater is rarely authorised, official approval for geothermal plants is no longer unusual. In 2007 alone, around 45,000 heat pump systems for detached houses were approved and installed.


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