Heat pumps
Energy-optimized technologies for your cooling

Environmentally friendly technologies are more in demand than ever! Heat pumps are ideal for achieving demanding energy efficiency targets. After all, with heat pumps without fossil primary energy sources you can cool and heat at the same time in a resource-efficient manner, with up to 70 % less electricity consumption. Take the right step into the future and realize significant efficiency increases with our heat pumps!


Hybrid heat pump

  • Paper industry
  • Industrial solutions
  • EDP and IT infrastructure
  • Simultaneous cooling and heating in main mode
  • Maximum temperature control down to -20° C in cooling mode
  • Maximum temperature control up to +46° C in heating mode
  • Resource-saving operation by using the waste heat for air conditioning
  • Independently controllable circuits for heating water and DHW heating
  • Continuous cooling capacity from 20 kW up to 500 kW possible
  • Autonomous use without the use of fossil fuels
  • Low payback period by reducing current energy costs by up to 70 %
  • Low-maintenance operation without annual exhaust gas checks by a chimney sweep


The innovative hybrid heat pump uses the temperature difference between the working medium and the outside air. The hybrid design with separate circuits allows simultaneous cooling and heating. This makes this technology particularly suitable for parallel cooling and heating. In addition, the hybrid heat pump enables hot water supply, cooling and dehumidification of clean rooms and is therefore also suitable for challenges in process technology. Depending on your requirements, room temperatures from -20° C to +46° C can be achieved in exclusive cooling or heating mode.

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