Renewable Solutions
Pioneering technologies for your plants

Geothermal plants as well as river water and well cooling do not work for you or are hardly relevant? In our daily practice we have already been able to show many of our customers new approaches to implementing these environmentally friendly technologies! Renewable solutions are the most energy-efficient and modern cooling options for your systems. With a modern combination of chillers and special cooling systems as well as free cooling, you can significantly reduce your power consumption. With the help of solutions developed for you, we achieve the optimum for your location.


Well/river water cooling

  • Paper industry
  • Sites with connection to well water or river water
  • Low payback period by reducing current energy costs by up to 90 %
  • Resource-saving operation by using the waste heat for heating purposes
  • Targeted heating of process water
  • Redundancy can be added
  • Cost-effective and sustainable process


In the case of air conditioning using well or river water, this so-called raw water from the adjacent wells or rivers is initially used for air conditioning. The waste heat is then extracted from the service water in a CoolManager®. In the paper sector, for example, you have the opportunity to use it to heat the process water without contaminating the water. The integration of free cooling and chillers creates redundancy to the service water if this is not available.


Geothermal energy

  • Paper industry
  • Industrial solutions
  • EDP- and IT infrastructure
  • Low payback period by reducing current energy costs by up to 70 %
  • High Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 20
  • Maximum system availability through the integration of redundancies
  • Simple approval – over 40,000 approvals per year


Sustainable geothermal plants are a standard for us and have already been successfully planned more than 30 times for our customers! Temperatures are constantly low deep in the ground. This is an ideal prerequisite for supplying your cooling systems in combination with CoolManagers® or free cooling. In order to exploit this potential for you, holes are drilled at a depth of 80 m and a distance of about six metres from each other. A brine mixture absorbs the heat from the IT equipment in a circuit and releases this heat into the ground. Two redundant circulation pumps supplied by the UPS reliably maintain the refrigeration supply, each with access to different bores.

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