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Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal Refrigeration

Geothermale Air-Conditioning


Task and Approach



Racks should be conditioned directly. Because of using Blade-Server, the conventional ambient air cooling of the Server room is not sufficient.

The whole room is conditioned where as not enough air conditioning reaches the existing/available Racks in the Server room. The conditioning of the Racks shoud be as effective and energy saving as possible.

The thermal load of the Racks (3 pieces) estimated with 15 kW.



Insert of the SideCoolers for direct Rackcooling. Usually for the supply of the SideCooler a cold water generator (Water chiller with mechanical cold chiller) is used. Instead of the mechanical cold production a mechanism based on geothermal energy was produced for this project. Due to the SideCooler is operated with a water flow temperature of 14 °C the using of geothermal energy for cold production is possible. The depeths drilling for geothermal energy are subject to authorisation at the water authority.


To supply a refrigeration capacity of 15 kW are 3 depths drilling with a depth of 80 metres necessary.

Each of the depths drilling is 6 metres away from each other. The soil conditions and the geothermic efficiency is to analyze for every single project based on the geothermic-card, because it's different in every region.



To afford a condensate free operation the SideCooler (2 pieces) needs a water flow temperature of 14 °C.

In the ground (about 80 metres depth) is a constant  temperature of about 11 °C. The water-glycol mixture has a temperature of around 11 °C from the ground. The flow temperature ensures a constant temperature of 14 °C to the SideCoolers. The SideCooler absorbs the heat from the data processing components (Server and other active electronic devices), which causes the brine to heat to approx. 20 °C.

With the help of the circulation pump, the warm mixture returns through the pipes into the ground, in turn, extracted.

As a result, the warm 'brine' (glycol and water) mixture is cooled down from 20 °C to 11 °C. The brine with 11 °C gets back to the SideCooler. The medium 'brine' conveyes in a closed circulation system.

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