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Energy saving contracting

All energy saving measures realised by the contractor can be paid for with the money raised from the reduction of the customers' energy costs.
Possibilities and requirements

The measures can be divided into
• investment-related measures (energy cost-saving by replacing outdated technology with modern)
• organisational measures (energy cost-saving by changing the running time of units; through training etc.) and / or
• legal measures (energy cost-saving by changing energy delivery contracts).
Project procedure

After the customer has chosen one or more buildings/units for energy-saving contracting, the contractor compiles a rough analysis based on economic energy factors from the building and from an on-site survey. You will receive the savings from the contractor, if he takes over the energy management of the building/plant.
Then a contract between the customer and the contractor will be signed. After this, a detailed analysis will be carried out, outlining the specific methods agreed upon with the customer. The measures will then be implemented by the contractor. This way, innovative energy-efficient improvements can be made to data processing centres, without using your own budget.


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