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Measurement and control technology

Overview of the construction of control and switchboards for the installation


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System visualization


Temptronic 9000 - Example of a possible system configuration

Up to 6 lines, each with a maximum of 200 controls can be connected on a PC.

The software is freely programmable and is written on the premises of BMGC.


The software offers the possibility of remote monitoring, measurements and alarms are recorded.

In case of an alarm, the alarm can be printed to appear as fax, SMS or E-mail.


Each user receives a login with password. The rights to operate are defined for each individual user. 



Our Remote Control - Your Advantages

-      Recording of measured values and faults leads to early detection of errors

-      Optimization and maintenance of the system via remote data monitoring

-      Rapid response to the system in case of failure, related to this is a reduced risk of default




Service and attendance


Measurement and control technology from one source 

-      Consulting and planning for new systems, renovations and refitting

-      Collective planning with the customer and site consultation

-      Renovation of older systems (including from other manufacturers) to modern control systems



On request - integrating the system into a telecontrol technology

Optional loan unit (PC) and repair of computers in case of damage

-      Creating of electrical circuit diagrams and parts lists

-      Creating of plant documentation in usual PDF-format, on CD and in printed form

-      Creating of specific system description and operating instructions

-      Connection of our control systems to a superior building management systems such as

        Lon, Modbus, SNMP, BACnet, OPC - Server and disclosing of the interface protocol

-      Stocking of spare parts electrical and control technology

       if required in the form of preprogrammed regulator for instant sharing on site with plant personnel

-      Maintenance and repair of the system





 Temptronic 9000           BM Green Cooling GmbH has its own measurement and control and electrical department.

            Thus we are able to plan and realize system specifically tailored to the customer.


            The software is programmed directly from BM Green Coolin GmbH.

            A visualization of the system is optionally possible.

            This takes place with the system visualization software TempTronic 9000.


            System monitoring via PC.


            Recording of measured values ​​and alarms, alarm notification via email, SMS, fax,

            network printing to multiple recipients.



Remote diagnosis of the system


Possible connections to other interfaces:



With millions of applications around the world, the LonWorks system from Echelon is one of the leading solutions of automation and control technology for industry, offices, housing construction and in the transport sector.



After its introduction in the 70s, the Modbus protocol has become one of the BMS ​​(Building Management Systems Building Automation Systems) the most widely used languages.



In 1995 BACnet by ASHREA (America Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) is the official language of the organization designated communication protocol.



Communication protocols for the Internet. The TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) splits and assembles each piece of information and message in elements (called packages), while the Internet Protocol (IP) forwards packets to the correct recipient.


The TCP / IP is used, because the Internet is a packet switching network: there is no single, uninterrupted connection between transmitter and receiver. While sending the information divided into many packets and sent simultaneously in many ways and then again assembled for the receiver.





Control technology


The switchgear construction, distributor construction and control construction takes place in our own electrical department. 

The schematics, parts lists and construction drawings are made with the program WS-CAD 5.4.


We usw only components from renowned manufacturers such as ABB, Dold, Phoenix, Wöhner, Rittal, etc. If necessary, these components are available across Europe.


Before delivery, the systems are subjected to a insulation resistance test with calibrated apparatus and a high voltage test up to 1000 volts with calibrated apparatus according to VDE 0113 / EN 60204, VBG 4. In advance our control technicians put the systems into operation and examine the function.


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