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Energy efficiency analysis / Saving energy in data center/ Cost savings in data center


Our energy-efficient optimisation is based on a solid analysis of the current conditions in your data processing centre. All the relevant parametres regarding energy usage and thermal conditions will be collected and assessed to produce a catalogue of measures which can be used to increase efficiency. 


Our philosophy is to build on the existing infrastructure using cost-efficient but exceptionally effective optimisations.This way, we are helping you avoid costly investments in expensive cooling systems, racks, other hardware and additional data processing centre storage space.The amount of money you could save is considerable:  results often show an increase in cooling and therefore in energy-efficiency of up to 50%, with an amortisation period of just 3-12 months. Not included in the price are the numerous individual advantages due to the prevention of heat induced system faults or breakdowns.



·        Measuring the air flow - cool air production, Flow velocity, Cool/warm air ratio

·        Capacity planning - Survey of the actual cooling performance in relation to present and future needs (in the case of expansion)

·        Heavily loaded server racks - assessment of air flow and temperature in various RU-areas

·        Hot Spots - Identification of racks with heat pockets, where there is the threat of system breakdown

·        In raised floors - readings of the cool air density and pressure

·        Relative air humidity - readings taken at important spots in the data processing centre

·        Expansion plans - At which point will the present capacity not be enough any more?

       How cost-intensive is gradual expansion?

       In what areas will expansion be expensive or difficult due to structural conditions

·        Cabling infrastructure - Where do cable lines prevent optimal air flow conditions?

·        Raised floors - measuring air flow on the ventilator panels and analysis of cold air congestion or inadequate cold air circulation and compression.

·        Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) – definition of PUE or DCiE (Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency)

       values and identification of the factors which lead to better results.

·        Specific optimisation suggestions for a consolidated infrastructure management and monitoring,

       as well as a solid analysis of the usages and efficiency of active hardware 

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