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Special appliances and Installations

Our sophisticated and individual system solutions with intelligent installation concepts, ensure a higher availability and, at the same time, low operating costs. Our systems, specially customised to cater to the needs of the industry, reduce the investment costs and enable a flexible, tailor-made adjustment of the production process. This way, we can cover all fields of application - from the standard system running on OEM solutions up to special installations. 


We thus improve our customers' competitiveness, because the high efficiency and reliability of our installations not only increase productivity but also offer planning security. The 24/7 service gives our offer the finishing touch. 


Here is a selection:

·         Oil recoolers

·         Air conditioners for measuring and testing rooms

·         Conditioning cabinets for dust-free rooms

·         Humidifiers

·         Dehumidifiers

·         Rehabilitation of air conditioners

·         Cooling towers

·         Cooling of switch rooms

·         Sampling stations

·         Dust-free rooms / Cleanrooms

·         Cleanroom screens

·         Transformer cooling

·         Climatic chambers

·         UPS- Cooling

·         Container cooling

·         Stainless steel conditioning cabinets

·         Laminar flow units (FFU)

·         Absorption chillers

·         Solar cooling systems

·         Air conditioners for laboratories

·         Smoking rooms

·         Pressure relief for data processing centres

·         Mobile cold production

·         Control optimisation

·         Modification of conditioing cabinets

·         Laser cooling

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