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Conditioning cabinets with an energy-optimised design/construction

The manufacture of our high-quality cold air and conditioning components is customised depending on the order. As part of our standard program, we deliver conditioning cabinets with a cooling capacity of 8 to 180 kW; additional options regarding capacity, size and assembly parts are available. 


All appliances are double-walled, with sound and heat insulation (class A1 to DIN 4102) and are cast in one-piece units or in split designs.Sturdy welded frameworks made from zinc-plated steel profiles with built-in doors and lids and textured stove-enamelled paint.High-quality assembly parts and state- of-the-art manufacturing technology guarantee the best operational reliability and energy savings.


·         Filters with built-in monitoring as suctioning Z-lines or micro-filtration membranes

·         Heat exchangers made from Cu/Al as a direct evaporator or for coolants

·         Cold production with hermetic scroll type compressor and refrigerating equipment outside the air flow

·         Ventilators come in the form of self-propelled centrifugal fans, switchable depending on the requirement, using a frequency converter or in the form of fans with an EC motor and accompanying controller

·         Steam humidifiers as OEM parts outside the air flow, controlled by a switch or with continuous control

·         Process measurement and control technology in a separate built-in switchboard cabinet with front door and main switch, bus-compatible DDC controlThrough the DDC technique we developed, we can all use of our conditioning and aggregate units (or modified products from other manufacturers) flexibly and combine the products with one another. Networks can be set up and then monitored and operated using either a central tableau or a telecontrol technique developed by us. The controls are located exclusively on the front of the machine, which means the units can be arranged next to each other in any number of ways: airflow can be set to blow upwards or downwards.


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