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Direct Free Cooling

About 95 % without mechanical cooling (In Germany)!!!


In most cases, the cooling in server rooms is produced continuously by use of refrigerating machines.  Using free cooling, a considerable reduction in the energy consumed for cold production becomes possible. Because power intensive refrigerating machines can only be used in free cooling , when the outside temperature has exceeded a certain level (e.g. 22°C). Below this level, energy-efficient cold production takes place through an exchange with the cold external air.
Direct Free Cooling
In direct free cooling, the external air portion in the flow of cooling air is increased by mixing it with the cold external air. The air exchange of the room takes place by use of a fan or through the floor or rack, respectively.Direct free cooling is a very efficient cooling method, especially when the external air temperature is low.By using exclusively electrical refrigerating machines, the air conditioning power consumption can be reduced to 90 %.



General advantages of direct free cooling

·                      Very high total efficiency of the cooling system

·                      It's only necessary to use an energy-intensive refrigerating machine when a certain outer temperature has been exceeded (e.g. 22°C).

·                      The waste heat of the server room (30- 35°C)  can be used to preheat the supply air for other additional rooms.

·                      More advantages of the direct free cooling system BM Green Cooling

·                      Using a special control unit, a higher air circulation factor will be activated in humidification-intensive temperatures below 0 °C, thus minimising the          

                       energy consumption for the humidification process

·                      To save space, the special Direct Free Cooling Units (DFCU) can be placed on the roof

·                      No cooling equipment has to be kept in the actual data processing centre 



Installing your Direct Free Cooling Unit on the roof
The entire data processing centre will be set up as a functional building. The DFCU will be installed directly above the server rooms, on the roof.From there cool air can be blown into the raised floor via a perforated plate. The return air is directly sucked up above the hot aislesand in this way is mixed with the extenal air so that the most energy-efficient cooling is possible at all times. This technology minimises the use of the refrigerating machine to under 5%.

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