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FrontCooler / Corridor Cooling

In a normal data centre, where the racks are placed according to the cold- and hot aisle principle, the temperature difference from the base of the rack to the roof is approx.

6 °degrees Celsius.
The aim is to reduce the temperature gradient and thereby to blow warmer (more energy-efficient) air from the raised floor.A forward-looking and cost-effective measure is to separate the cold air area from the hot air area. We're talking about cold aisle containment, which ensures that the cold air circulating through the raised floor is directed straight to the user.
The special feature: All of the servers installed in every cabinet from top to bottom will have access to a constant flow of cold air.In addition, the mixture of cold supply air and warm return air is prevented.

The cooling efficiency will be considerably improved - with the logical consequence that the use of cold air can also be significantly reduced. This will cut energy costs dramatically!

Advantages of cold aisle containment:

·                      Energy-optimised
·                      Cooling of up to approx. 10 kW / Rack
·                      The simplest design
·                      Affordable
·                      Supply and exhaust air are strictly separated

Decrease in the temperature gradient If a raised floor is available, the cooling is performed by especially energy-efficient high-precision conditioning cabinets. If there is no raised floor available, cooling devices are used which are placed between the racks and which blow the cool air forwards and suck  warm air from behind. There is an air-water heat exchanger inside the appliances to recool the air. 

·                      No raised floor necessary
·                      300 mm or 600 mm wide
·                      H = 2000 mm T = 1000 mm
·                      30 kW and 60 kW cooling
·                      Pressure-controlled
·                      EC Technology
·                      No problems with condensation
·                      Water and cooling agent version           
·                      Specially developed for Cabinet Cooling, a no-compromise solution

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