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Rackcooling SideCooler

Today's and tomorrow's biggest challenges are: the increasing thermal load in data centres and IT areas, on the one hand, and a more ecologically conscious and more efficient attitude towards climate solutions, on the other.

In this way direct rack cooling is state of the art technology. The SideCooler® has a cooling capacity of 24 KW and at a water temperature of 14°- 16° C without condensate formation.

Energy conscious and ecologically minded climate solutions using energy-neutral systems such as  free cooling, or geothermal cooling are the new methods in EDPC air conditioning.

Advantages of the SideCooler

·                      Automatically adjusting cooling capacity without further investments
·                      Cooling capacity up to 30kW
·                      Space-saving Slide-In design
·                      Emergency operating features in the event of a breakdown
·                      The standard control technology product in conditioning technology with
                       standard communication possibilities BacNet, Modbus, RS 485, RJ 45
                       and many more
·                      Variables: H= 1800, 2000, 2200 mm T= 800, 900, 10000, 1200 mm
·                      Upgradeable for available racks and various other appliances Rack brands
·                      No special coolant requirements
·                      Water from the water-supply network is adequate
·                      Can be operated directly with water or glycol

Advantages of the SideCooler in the field of energy efficiency:

·                      Condensate-free cooling capacity of up to 24 kW

                        at flow temperatures of 14 °C
·                      Latent cooling means no waste of energy
·                      With a flow temperature of 18 °C, there is still a cooling performance
                       of 19kW 100% sensitive
·                      Maximal power consumption: only 500 W
·                      High water temperatures in the flow line support the use of free cooling
                       up to 90% per year
·                     The supply air temperature can be adjusted with precision,

                       up to a reasonable limit

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