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Alternative Cooling with Fountain-River Water


Especially this technology speaks for the paper industry because in paper works are fountains or industrial water anyway. Normally, the industrial water is heated and supplied to the production. With our technique, the industrial water will be used first for the air conditioning of the control rooms and subsequently provided the production. The water production is only brought to a higher temperature level. Thus, less energy is required to heat the production water to the required temperature for production.


Dry Cooler will be involved in the system in most cases to get a redundancy  to the industrial water. The dry cooler would cool the control rooms with the ambient temperature if industrial water isn't available. This is also a solution to cool the control rooms at high ambient temperatures.


Another way to establish a redundancy is to install a chiller.  The chiller would guarantee the cold water supply to the climate cabinets in case of failure of the industrial water.


The same function is applied to the cooling with river water. To prevent contamination, in the most systems is a water-water heat exchangers interposed.


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