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Use of waste heat for air conditioning of control rooms



Cooling with absorption (LiBr absorber)


With the development of special LiBr absorbers it's possible to use relatively low medium temperatures of 80 ° C to 90 ° C for air conditioning.


Therefore, this technique is becoming increasingly interesting for the paper industry. The condensed steam is fed directly to the absorber and is further condensed. The absorber is operated with the help of the thermal energy in the condensate.


Closed processes with solid sorbents work with so called absorption chillers. The refrigeration machine is composed of two absorbers, one evaporator and one condenser. An absorber cabinet takes the water vapor which is transferred to the gas phase in the evaporator at low pressure and low temperature (about 9 ° C). As desiccant known environmentally friendly granule silica gel accumaltes it (absorbs the steam). Water vapor is released with the hot water from the solar collectors (ca. 85 °C) again at the other sorption chamber (Chamber is regenerated or "charged"). The pressure increases and the steam can be liquified/condensed at an ambient temperature of 30 ° C in a cooling tower again. Through a throttle valve, the water returns to the evaporator and circulation begins again. The condensed water (low temperature) and the heat of sorption (high temperature) discharge.


Special absorbers for the paper industry have an encapsulated casing. They are protected against the corrosive gases of ambient air. Particularly the use of environmentally friendly media (water / silica gel) in the absorber supports this technology.

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