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Use of Free Cooling

Dry coolers consist of specially coated heat exchangers. These have a high heat transfer surface so that even with a certain degree of pollution, the systems can continue operation without fault.


To reduce electricity costs, AC or EC fans can be installed. These are regulated in an energetic part-load operation to achieve a power saving of ca. 50 %.

The dry coolers operate in two modes. In mode machine operation they operate as condenser for the chiller. In mode free cooling they operate as indirect free cooling chiller.

To achieve a high level of free-cooling of around 60% per year, our systems operate at relatively high supply water temperature of 12 ° C to 17 ° C. If the outside temperature falls below the value of the cold water flow temperatur, the system automatically switches to operating mode free cooling. This means that the compressors are switched off in the module-chillers and the hot water in the return flow is cooled exclusively using the dry condenser and the external air.

The current amendment of DIN EN 387 requires a technical dimensioning for chillers with a maximum ambient temperature of 35 °C. Our units are construed for ambient temperatures of 40 ° C or higher. A higher operational safety is ensured.


Energy cost comparison of control room air conditioning


Electric power consumption with cooling capacity 450 kW

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