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Module Chiller protected against corrosion



Central chilled water production in modular construction and indirect free cooling


Corrosion resistant module chillers are equipped with special heat exchangers for paper industry. 

These have been especially treated against corrosion and the resulting decomposition processes.


The modular design of the chiller is order-related. Thus even high cooling capacities can systematically build sequentially.

This is particularly usefull for the expansion of existing refrigeration units. 

If only the current actual cooling capacity is required at the beginning, it's possible to extend (to a redundancy for example) the system during operation.


The chillers have an integrated heat exchanger for indirect free cooling. Depending on external temperature the heat exchangers switches on. Thus, indirect free cooling is possible with an external temperature of 14 °C.


During free cooling is the mechanical refrigeration of the compressors switched off and the dry cooler is now working as a free cooler.


-     Use of Siemens S7 control according to company standard

-     refrigerator operation only about 40 % p. a.

-     Controlled via Siemens Profibus

-     Hydraulic components according to company standard

-     Electrical components according to company standard 

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