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Specially coated cabinets



Specially coated cabinets for  "Paper Industry" operation are equipped with special cooling batteries.

These have been specially treated against corrosion and the resulting decomposition processes.

The modular design is customer specific and selected to order. The control unit can be flanged for example. 

Thus subsequent climatisation can still be introduced into the room.

Another advantage of this construcion is that individual modules can comfortably move without much lifting equipment on site.


The cabinets are designed to be energy-saving units. This means they're configured for the use of very high water flow temperatures such as 14 °C. This significantly increases the potential energy-efficient free cooling part per year in combination with suitable chillers.

All cabinets are equipped with leak detection systems. These detect even the smallest leaks and report them immediately to the control.

To achieve even greater cooling performance with spatially relative narrow modules, in the climate cabinets are space-saving A-heat exchangers used.

The fans are energy efficient and space-saving EC fans. The EC fans are operated by the fan curve in the particularly energy efficient part-load range.

The advantage is that in case of a failure of a fan the remaining fans increase rotational speed. The cooling capacity is still sufficient. 


A significant advantage of our cabinets is that brands are chosen according to factory standards of the customer.

Usually Siemens S7 is used in paper industry.

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