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Slim air cooling instead of central ventilation unit

Special air circulation cabinets instead of complex central ventilation



     Conventional, central ventilation system                                                                    Energy-efficient air conditioning: air circulation cabinets


In conventional air conditioning the ambient air is supplied through a channel system of the room. The hot air is supplied through a second channel system for the ventilation system. For transporting the air high electrical energies are required.


In contrast to the conventional air-conditioning, with decentralized ventilation systems, we rely on special modern climate cabinets.

These cabinets have been specially developed for the paper industry to be placed in control rooms.

Huge ventilation channels for air flow within the control room and in addition in the entire building are not required with this technique.

This is particularly a problem in existing control rooms, which are to be renewed or extended.

More cooling capacity requires large quantities of air. The required large ventilation channels must be installed through the building, which is very costly.

In practice, a subsequent installation of ventilation channels,ventilation systems etc. is usually unrealistic in paper factories. 

Another problem arises after extended operation of central ventilation systems. The ventilation channels are mostly leak at the connection parts.

Contaminated air is brought through this leaks into the system. Then this air is introduced through the ventilation system into the control room etc.

That results corrosion on the conductor tracks, which can lead to defects of components. 

Because of no air will be transported through the channel system in our concept, we can exclude that contaminated air enters into the room. Thus any possible defects cannot occur. 


Another advantage of control room conditioning with circulation cabinets is that it's completely autonom to the rest of the total ventilation system of the paper machine.

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